Saturday, January 29, 2011

Blog Post 2

Did You Know?
I thought this video was awesome. It was filled with so much useful information. This video showed how much technology is used throughout the world. For, example the use of Google, to Myspace, to online dating. I think, sometimes we get caught up in our own little world we don't see what goes on. For example, I never thought that China would soon be the number one English speaking country.

I think the use technology is very great, but also can be taken advantaged of. For example, the illegal downloading of music. I would of never thought that 694,000 songs were download during this five minute presention. I also think it is crazy that if Myspace was a county, it would be the fifth largest. That just shows how much a demand social networking is. This video really opened my eyes and made me look at things at a different perspective.

Mr. Winkle Wakes
This video was so cute, but sad. Mr. Winkle just awoke one day to find the world had changed. It shows how much technology has changed over time and is still changing today. The use of medicine has came such a great way. Now, there are cures for some cancers and diseases and 50 years ago that would not of been true. It is all because of technology,we are able to do that.

When Mr. Winkle arrived back to the school 100 years later, it was still the same. I hate to say it, but that is true at some schools. Many schools can't afford the use of technology and I think that can hurt the students in the long run. I think we should strive to get schools to have technology in the classroom because it will have such a great impact on our students. When I was in elementary school we did not have many computures at all and if we did,they did not work. So, when I got to middle school I did not know much about computers. I knew the basic stuff, but that was it. I love that technology is having such a great impact and it is only going to get better as years go on.

Sir Ken Robinson: The Importance of Creativity
Sir Ken Robinson is a creativity expert. He provided so much useful information for teachers. This video makes me think back from when I was in school. Did anyone ever hold me up from my creativity? I think creativity is very important and I love to see students being creative. When I was in high school, I was in a childcare class where we went to daycares and worked. When I was there, the students in the preschool class were given a colorsheet with a dog on it. One student colored the dog purple and the teacher told the little girl that dogs are not purple and for her to redo it. Although, the teacher saw no wrong in what she had done,I found that to be very wrong and I feelt bad for the little girl. I think her creativity was being taken away from her.

My favorite part of the video was about the little girl who was drawing a picture of God. Her teacher said," No one knows what God looks like." The little girl responded by saying," They will in a minute." I thought that was so cute. That just shows that our students can be creative and we don't need to take that away from them. I think as upcoming teachers we need to have assignments that opens up our students creativty. Like Mr. William said, " Everyone is born with creativity."

Cecielia Gault Interview Sir Ken Robinson
Cecielia Gault goes to a Performing Arts school. She seems to be a very smart little girl. She did a great job with this interview with Sir Ken Robinson. I think all teachers would like to have a student like Cecielia. She has her act together, that is for sure. I know when I was her age, I would not of went out and interviewed someone. So, I find that awesome that she done this interview.

I like how the interview picked out that we need to make better use of technology. I find that so true because their is so much, as teachers that we can do to make our classroom better. I also liked how it picked out the myths of creativity. One myth is that only certain people are creative. I agree with him 100% because everyone is creative and has the ability to be creative.

Vicki Davis: Harness Your Digital Smarts
I think Mrs. Davis is an amazing teacher. She seems to have a real passion for teaching. I like how she incorported technology in her classroom. Her students also teaches lessons, which I thought was great because it gives the students a chance to be the teacher. Mrs. Davis said, "We need to empower our students." I think that statement is so true. We need to get our students more involved and motivate them to be the best they can be.

I just wish there were more teachers like Mrs. Davis that uses technology in a classroom. I know for a fact there are many teachers, especially the older generation that are against the use of technology. I know when I become a teacher, I will use technology in my classroom. You could also get students to use the Smartboards and to help with the lessons. This class is a great example of how to use technology and I am learning so much from it. I plan to take what I learn from this class and incorporate it in my classroom. I personally think all teachers should stive to be like Mrs. Davis and get our students more invovled in the great use of technology.

little girl on a computer

Friday, January 21, 2011

Blog Assignment 1

I was born November 18, 1988 in Pascagoula, Mississippi. I have wonderful parents who are very supportive in everything that I do. Neither of my parents attended college, so it means a lot to them for me to finish school. I have an older brother whom I share a birthday with. We are exactally 3 years apart. I also have a little sister who is ten years old. She is my heart and is spoiled rotten by me. I have a great finacee who is very supportive of me. He is always there for me no matter what.

My major is Elementary Education and I am a transfer student from the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. I decided to attend the University of South Alabama because I had heard so much postive things about the education program. As a little girl I have always wanted to be a teacher. I have always been around children and working with them. I worked in a daycare for about 4 years and I also had a preschool class at my church. I love working with smaller children especially kindergarten students. I want to be a teacher that can make a difference in a child's life and be a positive role model for my students.