Sunday, March 13, 2011

Project #13 Smartboard Instruction

Driving Lessons
A Smartboard Lesson by:
Jennifer Hackney, Kenneth Nelson, Ashleigh Skelton, and Miranda Tidikis

I personally think that our group did a great job on the smartboard presentation. We did a short presentation on driving lessons and after the lesson we then had a quiz. We used a device called a clicker and they were able to answer the questions using the clicker and after the quiz they were able to get immediate feedback on how they did. The clickers are great to use because it was fun and it was a great way to get students to interact with the smartboard.

I learned so much from this project. All though no one in my group knew much about a smartboard we were all able to come together to create a unique lesson. I am so glad that we used the clickers for our lesson. I have used the clickers before at my junior college because that is how one of my teachers did her test. So, it was cool learning how to construct smartboard questions using the clicker device.

Here is the results of the google form. The two young ladies that took the quiz did a great job. They seemed very interested in the clickers because it was something new to them and they also did excellent on the form. I know our lesson was basic and they knew the information anyways it was still great to have them interact with us.


What should be worn by the driver and all passengers at all times?
seatbelt seat belts
What is a cushion in motor vehicles that inflates upon impact. It cushions people from being thrown into the wheel, dashboard, and windshields.
airbag air bag
When someone is tailgating you, this is what you should do
speed up00%
slam on breaks00%
if you feel uncomfortable pull off the road and let them pass2100%
fix your mirrors00%
A pedestrian is walking across the street in your path of driving you should
A pedestrian is walking across the street in your path of driving you should00%
slow down and come to a complete stop and allow them to clear your vehicle2100%
bump them with your car00%
all the above00%
When there is no traffic at all, it is okay for me to text message.
A yield sign is red because it means I should stop.
_____________________ is dangerous driving that can result in accidents.
High-risk behaviorHigh-Risk behaviors
_____________________ is any violation of the current traffic code.
Traffic ViolationTraffic Violation
_____________________ is any display of aggression by any angry or impatient or passenger of a motor vehicle.
Road rageRoad Rage
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