Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blog Post #13

Alabama Learning ExchangeAlex stands for Alabama Learning Exchange. I have never heard of this website, but it is very handy. The first part that I visited was the course of study. It broke down each standard for the course. Standards are important as far as what we have to follow as teachers. So, I thought that it was great that it broke down each subject and grade level. It was also easy to navigate around and finding information. Under professional learning there is a resource for English Language Learners. It gives you some tips and information for teaching ELL students. I thought that was handy because I will be able to teach ELL students when I graduate and I can refer to this for information.

I personally, liked how it shows individual lesson plans. I love searching the internet and finding fun and creative activities that I could use for my future classroom. Usually, if I find a lesson plan online I like, I can add my own twist to it because I can elaborate more on it and add some of my own ideas to it. One reason why I liked searching for the lesson plan on ALEX was because it was easy to find age appropriate activities. For example, I search sixth grade science and it gave me an activity for making lip balm. This website was great and I will use this for my future classroom.

ACCESS started on November 1, 2004. This website was great and provides access to high school students to have an advanced diploma, dual enrollment and other great opportunities for the students. The mission of ACCESS is to provide all citizens with quality learning opportunities.  Under the student tab was information for advance placement course. It gave sample test that the student could view and study by. I think that was a great resource for the student because it would help prepare the student in case he or she chose to take AP courses. The website was great not only for the students, but also for the parents and teachers. It provided a lot of useful information and resources.

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